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Durnacol Skills Innovation Hub signs agreement with Eduloan

Eduloan andDurnacol Skills Innovatin Hub have signed an agreement that will enable Eduloan to assist registered and potential learners in need of financial assistance, by offering loans at an exceptionally low interest rate.

Students at DSIH can now enjoy affordable repayments when they take out a study loan. Eduloan fills the gap between the state-funded National Student Financial Aid Scheme and commercial banks.

Eduloan also has agreements with various FET Colleges as well as 22 universities and universities of technology in South Africa. "We aim to make education accessible and affordable to all South Africans," says Branco.

Eduloan also has a unique offering that makes study loans for more accessible for employees who work for organisations that enter into a corporate salary deduction agreement. This agreement allows the employee to apply for study loans, either for themselves or any of their dependants. It also enables the organisation to keep repayment terms affordable and to help even those that have poor credit ratings or who have been declined by other loan providers to obtain a study loan.



N Contact Information

1 Willow Street


Northern Kwa -Zulu Natal

Tel:    034 622 5040

Fax:   034 622 5386



Obtain, read and complete an Eduloan application form from Durnacol Skills Innovation Hub Office.

Please make sure all the following documents are in order and are submitted with your Eduloan application:

A fully completed and signed Eduloan application form;

A quotation from Durnacol Skills Innovation Hub reflecting your name and student number, the study program, the balance outstanding;

A certified copy of your South African Identity Document;

A certified copy of your sponsors South African Identity Document ;

Your or your sponsor's pay slip (not older than 3 months);

Your or your sponsor's bank statements for the last 3 months or, if self employed, your or your sponsor's business bank statements for the last 6 months and proof of business ownership;

Please keep a copy of your completed application form in a safe place for your future reference.

If married in Community of Property Spouse's signature is also required on the Eduloan Application