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People credited with this skills programme are able to represent employees on all aspects of occupational health and safety, thereby exercising their rights and powers in terms of Mine Health and Safety Act (Act 29 of 1996) Section 30.


They are also able to identify and report on potential hazards and risks associated to occupational health or safety.

Entry Requirement

It is assumed that candidates embarking on learning towards this skills programme must have undergone an appropriate orientation programme applicable to the mine, be employed in a full-time or part-time (contractors) capacity and be acquainted with conditions and activities at the designated working place.

Learning Outcomes

Once the learner master the skills and knowledge required he/she will be able to:

-  Explain basic health and safety principles in and around the workplace
-  Describe the functions of the workplace health and safety representatives
-  Conduct continuous hazard identification and risk assessment within a workplace


This is a 3 day course.  However the learner needs to practice his/her newly gained skills in the workplace.  This experience must be recorded in a portfolio of evidence to be assessed by our MQA registered assessors.

Occupational Health & Safety Representative