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In terms of the Mines Health and Safety Act and Regulations (Act 29 of 1996) and for purposes of Regulation 14.1 (1) and 14.1 (5), competent person means a person who:

•   Has been assessed and found competent to examine and declare a workplace safe
•   Must ensure, if at any time a working place or part thereof becomes unsafe during a shift, that all persons, other than those examining and making safe, are removed from such unsafe area and are not permitted to return thereto until declared safe by a competent person.

People credited with this skills programme are able to examine and declare a working place safe in accordance with the Fall of Ground Regulations promulgated by the Minister of Minerals and Energy.  This MQA registered skills programme addresses the following unit standards:

•    Follow basic health and safety practices underground
•   Demonstrate an understanding of the identification of and dealing with rock strata conditions
•   Describe the basic environmental factors of ventilating an underground working place to ensure a safe and healthy working environment    Make safe a workplace by means of barring
•   Determine environmental thermal conditions in an underground workplace by means of a whirling hygrometer and take appropriate action
•   Determine velocity of air in a workplace by means of the tape method and take appropriate action
•   Demonstrate knowledge of the most common harmful gases and vapours
•   Make safe a workplace by means of barring
•   Support an underground working place by means of achors placed into drilled holes
•    Test for flammable gas in a mining environment by means of a hand held electronic instrument and take appropriate action

Entry Requirements

It is assumed that candidates embarking on learning towards this skills programm have relevant knowledge and undersrtanding of daily underground mining operations.


This skills programme may be achieved in 7 weeks. 

The total time allocated for learner to be at Durnacol Skills Innovation Hub is 3 weeks whereafter the learner must obtain relelvant practical experience on the job for 4 weeks.

The assessment of individual unit standards will confirm the required practical experience .

'On the job assessment' for full compliance is a separate exercise to be undertaken afer completion of both institutional and on the job training and will be conducted by our MQA registered assessors.